Lily & Madeleine’s new song “Rabbit” off of their new upcoming album Fumes. Please vote my creation so that it can be declared as the official video. I am a starving luchador and I need the money.




Dan Mangan | Road Regrets 

So find dodge and then get out of it

It’s about as country as I get
So you ain’t livingtil you’re living it
Not deadtil you die

But watch out for the paraphrase
'Cause they will crown you and they will take your legs
See the gas is more than what you get paid
But do it anyway

It’s a shame
It’s a crying shame
Them’s the breaks
And ain’t it always the way
It takes you back to from where it is you came”


U.S. Girls - “28 Days”

Gah, this song.


Shovels & Rope - (What’s so funny ‘bout) Peace Love and Understanding 

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Pogues guitarist Philip Chevron died this morning of cancer. He was 56.


"Pinhead" by Ramones

For those of you who watched The Simpsons annual Treehouse of Horror episode in which they based the third segment on the movie Freaks which gave the world the phrase “Gooble Google One of Us” which the Ramones adapted into “Gabba Gabba We Accept You - One of Us” and “Gabba Gabba Hey” for this song. 

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The accuracy…. it hurts

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Ray Charles - Lucky Old Sun

Ray would have been 83 today.